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How to Engage Reader in Your Content by Keeping Blog Posts Easy and Crisp With These 5 Content Writing Strategies if You are A Beginner ?

The meaning of content writing is to create content in the form of text on digital platforms such as websites, blog posts, specific product descriptions, or scripts for videos or podcasts. The most significant and crucial part of any website is its content, so it should be done properly. Because the quality of your content determines whether your post drives traffic to your website or increases your search engine rankings. I am going to share 5 content writing strategies for beginners.


When most people hear “content writing”, they think of “writing blog posts.”

However, writing content isn’t just important for blog posts.

In fact, content writing is important for all types of different content formats, including:

  • Video scripts.
  • Email newsletters.
  • Blogs writing
  • Social media posts.
  • Podcast outlines.
  • Web page writing.
  • Landing pages.
  • YouTube video descriptions.
  • Product descriptions/ reviews.

In this post we are going to take a look at Blog post writing for websites or brands.


  1. Catchy Title and Introduction.
  2. Knowledge of Topic.
  3. Focus on Specific Key Point.
  4. Optimize Your Digital Content.
  5. Final Touches.

1. Catchy Title and Introduction.

Your title and introduction will decide whether the reader will read the rest of the article. That’s why a catchy headline is very helpful to encourage readers to look at your article, advertisement, and social media post.

Image source – The Blue Diamond Gallery | Image by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 Pix4free.org

Your headline should spark interest or connect with the reader emotionally to learn more about that specific topic. So no matter how compelling and informative your content is, the headline and short introduction will decide if readers want to read further.

2. Knowledge About Topic/Product.

Do extensive research about the topic, product, and brand you’re writing about. Keep the articles factual-based. Provide proof that what you are claiming is true. Your confidence in knowledge should reflect in your blog.

Research Scene Vector.svg from Wikimedia Commons by Videoplasty.comCC-BY-SA 4.0

So the readers will be impressed and interested in your content. Which leads to reading additional articles written by you or purchasing the product which you have written about.

3. Focus On One Key Point.

Stick to one topic when writing an article. You should not try to confuse the reader by including multiple topics in the same article. When you take this step, your reader will engage with your content. They will get a better understanding of that specific topic. Include those keywords after a few lines so that everything will tie together.

4. Optimize your digital content

If you want your content to be easy to read, use short paragraphs and short sentences that are easily understood. Keep the words simple and easy to understand so people whose English isn’t their first language can relate.

Seokaos SEO.jpg from Wikimedia Commons-By Seokaos.com CC BY-SA 4.0

When optimizing your content, make it search engine optimized (SEO) by doing some keyword research so you’ll learn which words are trending & being searched for your content by doing this, chances of getting your content above on search engine results are likely high.

5. Conclusion and Final Touches.

When concluding your blog post write a short summary. This is to help readers remember what they read earlier, as well as to summarize your entire article in a few sentences. The summary should include the main points to make it more effective. To build trust with your audience encourage them to take further steps regarding your blog topic.

By toppr

For example, I’m writing this article about content writing strategies. I will tell you to write a blog post based on these strategies specifically for your niche. The audience will now take further action if they liked your article. After conclusion, tell your audience to visit your website by providing links to your other articles or products.

Once you have finished writing, check your content for spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. Also, check to see if I can make it more readable by improving the word choice or shortening the sentences.

Bonus Point in Content Writing Strategies for Beginners.

Basic Tools For Content Writing.


If you are beginner in content writing and just getting started you can use these tools to write your articles for your blog. (These tools are absolutely free to use)

  1. Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generation Tool – When you are starting out, you might not have any ideas for your content. However, if you know your niche, the tool will provide you with subject lines based on your keywords. So you can elaborate on them in your long piece of content.
  2. Google Docs – It is easier to write a good blog when you have a plan in place. Use Google Docs to create a rough outline for your article. It is possible to start writing in Google Docs and save it as a draft if necessary. This helps to ensure you do not make spelling or grammatical mistakes.
  3. Wordtune – Wordtune acts as a writing companion. Using AI technology to help you (the writer) communicate your own ideas in the most effective way possible. With Wordtune, you can update your content with spelling corrections, better word suggestions, grammar checks, and punctuation corrections.
  4. MindMeister – MindMeister is a mind map creation tool that helps to make a mind map about your upcoming content. For example, I wrote this article based on a mind map that I created.
  5. Canva – Adding images or vectors to a long article makes it more interesting. It is the easiest tool when it comes to creating or editing images, logos, GIFs, videos, and social media content. If you can’t find suitable images on the web, you can create your own for free on Canva.
Mind Map created with MindMeister


In this article, we learned 5 Content writing strategies for beginners. There are different formats for content writing. This article mostly focuses on blog post writing. It is very helpful to make a catchy headline to attract readers to read your article. Your knowledge should be reflected in your blog. This will make the readers more interested in what you are writing.

Stick to one topic when you are writing an article. Use short paragraphs and easy-to-understand sentences if you want to make your content easy to read. When optimizing your content, do some keyword research. When concluding your blog post, write a brief summary. This will help readers remember what they read earlier. Correct spelling and grammar errors before publishing. You can use Hubspot’s Blog Idea Generator Tool, Google Docs, and Wordtune, MindMeister, Canva for free if you are a beginner in content writing.

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